My journey starts with empathy. I understand how it feels to be on the receiving-end of inauthentic (read: creepy) promotions by brands trapped in a muck of data-driven campaigns, brands that take a strict approach to the usage of data and fail to find a story or humanity in those data sets. As a consumer, I grew frustrated being the target of these promotions and as a marketer, I found it imperative to change the approach. It is easy to categorize people as data sets: age, location, and interests, but data does not capture the requisite emotion and spirit to connect with the human inside the data point.

Community is built slowly through goodwill and small wins.”
Gemma Acheampong

I jumped headfirst into marketing straight out of college, eager to exercise the content skills fundamental to my English degree and determined to prove compassion’s role in commerce. At Bad Brain, I provide consumer engagement strategy and content production bursting with an authentic personality that empowers humanity and connects people to both the brand and one another.

I focus on the results. I analyze what has been done and look at the numbers to plan and evolve. I consistently find people are drawn to familiar, relatable stories. They engage when they can find a bit of themselves in every post and can share their own ideas and stories as a result. Simple posts that give insight and brand perspective forge deeper connections between brands and the audience they want to reach. At minimum, these strategies have improved engagement by 90% for startup clients post-launch.

Community building requires research into customer profiles and the best practices of the current social media and content landscape to connect authentically with consumers in the social sphere. I create customer profiles that allow for targeted connections. I understand the nuances of products and services in order to craft copy to make them as transparent and accessible as possible. Here, the pride of craftsmanship comes in the form of active Facebook discussions, with followers debating and chatting with each other about their opinions. Seeing people get so excited about the topics I share brings a sense of satisfaction about the work and strategy crafted to get to that point. Community is built slowly through goodwill and small wins. These small bursts of excitement, debate, and storytelling are the small wins that transform channels and brands into communities. This genuine interest and curiosity that people bring to posts are what really define the word ‘engagement’ to me.

. . .  people are drawn to familiar, relatable stories.”

Ultimately, behind every data point is an individual with values that speak to them personally. People want to understand your unique story and how that can have a positive impact on their lives and the world. □