[Booklist] Check Yoself

Three books that will check your perspective and teach you about larger market practices.

The Amazon Marketplace Dilemma: A Brand Executive’s Challenge Growing Sales and Maintaining Control by James Thomson and Joseph Hansen (Amazon Kindle)

Thomson and this book came recommended to me by some colleagues at Ogilvy. Though a practical book in terms of seller-side navigating of the Amazon Marketplace, this book will change your entire outlook on Amazon as a company. Before this, I enjoyed Amazon as a customer, now I see the much darker side that impacts Amazon sellers and market pricing overall.



Success and Luck by Robert H. Frank (Amazon Kindle


Written by the famed Cornell economics professor, this book shows us not only that luck has everything to do with success but also it introduces us to framing, signaling, and other variables that impact market spending. Before this, I was a firm believer that hard work got me anything I wanted, now I consider myself lucky due to exogenous market variables.

This Naked Mind by Annie Grace (Amazon Kindle)


This book was written by a marketer and will change the way you view alcohol on both a personal and industrial level. Before this, I thought “alcoholism” was a real, psychological condition that could be genetically inherited, now I realize alcohol is a money-making racket centralized on an addictive substance. □