Marketing agencies and consulting firms are like hyper-focused temp agencies for their clients and freelancing is the lifeblood of our industry. Built by a career freelancer with bipolar unspecified, Bad Brain celebrates diversity by hiring side hustlers with unique perspectives and needs. This might be one of the few places where having a social, genetic, or economic difference gives you a leg-up on getting hired. 

When you apply, rather than writing a traditional cover letter, you will be required to submit a  statement about a social issue that you feel compelled to solve and how you have leveraged that issue to create social impact, no matter how “small”, in at least one professional role (volunteering does not count — we want to see that you stick to your values when money is on the line). Your cover letter should be no more than two paragraphs.

Your résumé and experience must speak to the role for which you are applying. We do not provide training as a full-time role would.

All roles require prior agency experience. We do not care about the size or reputation of the agency.

Outside of visual creative roles, all applicants must have a bachelor’s degree, at minimum, to be considered.

Email résumés and cover letters to with the title of the desired role(s) in the subject line. 

Current Openings

  • Content Creator, Freelance | Digital
  • Growth Marketing Strategist, Freelance | Digital, U.S.
  • Growth Marketing Strategist, Freelance | Retail, U.S.

Future Freelance

  • Senior Strategists, Freelance


We require that all Bad Brain contractors have a presence in Los Angeles to meet with team members when necessary. Outside of that, all work is remote, because we get that you work much better when you aren’t fighting the 405, 101, 110, 5, 90, 45, or Laurel Canyon, Santa Monica, Sunset, Lincoln, Jefferson, etc. Los Angeles traffic sucks and you have work to do!